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Birth Date
10/4/1991 (Libra)
5' 5" (165 cm)
123 lbs (56 kg)
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Never married
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Odessa, Ukraine
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Stop for a while! Look through this web-site. You can see how many lonely souls are desperately searching for their love. You and I are not the exclusion. May be you, who’s looking through my profile now will become my soul mate in the nearest future. My THAT ONE. Let me call you this way;), I want you to be romantic as I am. I want you to know how the real man should treat a woman. I want you to be tender and caring on one hand and strong and courageous on the other one. You have to be a reliable shoulder for me and our future family in whole. And of course you must love me with all your heart and soul.


It’s pretty difficult to write about your own character, so I asked my friends to describe honestly what I am in real life. So here’s the description. I’m a young woman, who’s already mature enough to realize what I want from this life. I’m sociable, trustworthy, caring and loving. Romance is in my blood. As I was brought up in an intelligent family, my mother has passed me all those qualities which a real woman should have. I don’t like arguing, compromising is in my nature. I’m both a tender flower and a strong woman. I’m here with serious intentions to find true love and build a strong family.


I like to keep fit. That’s why I love all outdoor activities. As I’m a romantic soul I like long walks along the seacoast. I’m fond of sitting on the sand, throwing stones into the water. I like to dance, as I think that you can learn the person’s soul through the way they move. I love nature. It’s wonderful to see the fading beauty of nature in autumn when the palette of colors varies from green to scarlet. I like winter when it’s snowing end everything is so pure and virgin. I like to play snowballs and make a snowman with my friends. I like watching the resurrection of nature in spring. And of course I love summer. I adore lying at the sea shore feeling warm sun beams petting my body.
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