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Birth Date
8/18/1989 (Leo)
5' 8" (173 cm)
112 lbs (51 kg)
Eye Color
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Russian Orthodox
Marital Status
Never married
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Odessa, Ukraine
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Her Type of Man

Is the type of man so important for me? It is not, a man must be a man. And only! He must be strong not only in a physical form but also he must have a big heart and loving soul, he must possess firmness and confidence in a morrow! I want to feel protected and barriered from all the problems when I am with him. I would like to solve all our problems and to make our decisions together. Similarly, how it is possible to forget about children? Man is a father, which does not go by the son, which broke up a knee and cries. He is an always-good interlocutor and player in child's games; he is a taleteller and good friend, adviser, shoulder which could be relied on! Here for me it is my type of man! I hope that all I wrote here will knock to your heart and you will agree with me.


As every girl, I am a very romantic person! Inside me there lives a woman who dreams of a perfect love, woman who will overcome any horizons for the sake of love. I know and I am sure that I am able to make the relationships perfect but I need a help of my special man. I am a girl with a very interesting and positive thinking, I can come to an understanding with everybody! I will always help and support you if you are sad and I will share the pleasant moments that the life gives us! There is always shining smile on my face and it makes others smile! I always keep a stiff upper lip in making decisions. I think that you will achieve everything if you make great efforts. I want to become an independent woman and in spite of different obstacles to surmount them, but at the same time I am frail and tender girl. I enjoy dreaming, but it is important to go back down to the earth for self-improvement and believing in the bright future. I am very credent that is why people can always share


I am very cheerful girl that is why I am always on the go. Dancing is the way of my self-expression. I enjoy tender dances; also, I like to burn my soul and to unleash my body. When I am bored, I like to read different books of the different authors. Not often, but at the weekend I enjoy being with my friends. I love bowling and I am successful in this game. The greatest rest for me is traveling, I like to discover something new, and to cognize different cultures because the world is so big and you should never stop! My biggest interest is to make a family where I will lodge an idyll of love.
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