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Birth Date
4/21/1990 (Taurus)
5' 5" (165 cm)
105 lbs (48 kg)
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Never married
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Odessa, Ukraine
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Her Type of Man

I would like to mention the most important traits because I can write a book about my ideal partner. My man should be courageous because he is a man. And it is in his responsibilities to make a girl feel secure and that she is not alone. It doesn’t meant that he should have a lot of muscles I just want to have a feeling that my man is eager to fight for me to death and that he will never leave me alone especially when I need his help and support. I cannot forget about another important feature like intelligence. In addition he should be generous, kind, eager to do crazy things for his sweetheart, rather confident, who knows what he needs, rather mature and able to make pleasant surprises.


I can speak about myself from morning till evening, I’ll try to keep my story short but to create a right image about me. I am a rather expansive and frank person, I carefully choose people whom to communicate with and that’s why I can allow myself to be as I am. I am rater cheerful but I know measures. I think you should always remember about taste and decency. People say I am a nice person. I can be passionate as fire with those ones who can fan the flame. I love crazy and fun companies but my family is always on the first place for me. I know that they wish me all the best and that’s why I try to discuss everything with my parents. I am sure that everything comes from a family. I love dancing and I cannot live without it. I dream about having my own kids but I know how serious it is and that you shouldn’t hurry with it.


I have a wide variety of interests. I can name social activity because I cannot live without dancing. I like beautiful things whatever you can think about, I love communication with my friends, new acquaintances. I like talking to different people and it attracts me most of all, they have different interests, ideas, hobbies and even manners. It is interesting to communicate with all of them and to skim the cream off. And of course I love sport and art.
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