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Birth Date
8/18/1991 (Leo)
5' 11" (180 cm)
121 lbs (55 kg)
Eye Color
Hair Color
Russian Orthodox
Marital Status
Never married
Speaking Skills*
Other languages
Odessa, Ukraine
* The level of English
is evaluated by the Lady herself

Her Type of Man

I know that when I find my soul mate, this will be forever. Therefore I should be absolutely sure in him. I should feel easy and comfortable with him. Maybe it is a bit old-fashioned, but I want him to be gallant and well-mannered. He should be great not only in physical aspect, but he should also be a great and interesting conversationalist. He should be sincere, open and cheerful to make our communication easier. He should be manful, like a real man. In general, I need both a husband and a good friend at once.


What can I say about myself… First of all, people see my optimistic attitude towards life. I try to forget all unpleasant and negative moments of my life. Still I always make necessary conclusions to avoid the same mistakes in future. I did not use to step on the same rake twice. Positive emotions and friendly attitude towards people allow me to overcome all difficulties. I am an open and sincere person. . I am a sociable person and I cannot stand loneliness. I have enough friends and acquaintances. Still I do not easily give the title “a friend” to people. I should be absolutely sure in that person. I am a perfectionist (though sometimes it is not very good). I know my real abilities. I am rather demanding (to other people and first of all to myself). That is why I try to do everything in the best way and do my best to reach my goals. I am rather an adventurous person and totally share the motto of famous personage Jack Sparrow: “enjoy life to the full”. I hope I shall find my spec


My hobbies and interests are the inherent part of my life. And they refer to all sides of human nature. I am interested in music (both listening to it and reading info about famous musicians and the history of music). I like sports (we should take care about our body and our health). I pay much attention to my family and do everything for its welfare. Household duties make me pleasure. I am fond of photography. I like doing it myself, still I also like watching the masterpieces of art photography, especially black and white. I like cooking very much. Culinary is a kind of art for me. Cooking something tasty is like writing a poem… I like animals very much. I like both simply spending time with them and watching TV programs about animals.
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