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Birth Date
10/14/1992 (Libra)
5' 7" (169 cm)
108 lbs (49 kg)
Eye Color
Hair Color
Russian Orthodox
Marital Status
Never married
Speaking Skills*
Other languages
Odessa, Ukraine
* The level of English
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Her Type of Man

My man. He is a usual human, with a great job, a good character, a sensitive soul and a good taste, because all these qualities have leaded you to my profile. And all these lines will be not enough for me to say everything about you. You’re truly, sympathetic and kind. You’re that one who won’t leave, won’t forget and who can wait. You’re my knight in the gold armor. You’re my man, you’re my choice and I’m yours. You’re my friend. You’re my lover. You’re my brother. You’re all in one. You have good and also bad qualities. And we’re not ashamed of this, because we’ve chosen it. And we feel ourselves good only with our choice. But when we are apart we don’t live. We don’t breath. We can’t eat and sleep. Because we’re as a whole.


Let me say it this way: I’m a person of a strict morals upbringing, because first of all I’m a daughter and the second reason is that I’m a girl. I strive for the summits of this life. No, they’re not the wealth and luxury. I strive for the knowledge and perfection. It’s so important for girl to be clever and to have a good sense of humor. And you have to step to this day by day. I’m a very restrained and subtle person. I respect all traditions and honor the laws. And my main quality is that I’m very fair and I respect those people, who support these views. We’re the people. And if we don’t respect each other, who will? And this respect has to come from our souls. You have to choose your profession carefully. And I think I’ve made the right choice. And I follow the way I’ve chosen. And the last one thing. I want to find a good man which will have the same good qualities as I do. I’m serious.


I want to tell everything step by step. In my spare time I don’t like to have only one thing to do. I try to develop myself, doing different things. It’s so funny to become a little child for some minutes and to look at the reaction of the staring people. Oh no, don’t think it means that I fell on the floor or stamp my feet. I just can say something that isn’t in line with my age. And sometimes even adults don’t know what to say when they talk with me. They know that my age isn’t great and they listen to me with surprise. May be it’s because I always want to know everything and everywhere. I also like singing, especially songs with sad lyrics. I read a lot of literature. In books I always find something that is close to me, something that you can see and feel in the everyday life. I also like houses, architecture, antique buildings, and old houses. They make me think about beautiful things in the past, about the kings and the queens, the romances and the betrayals. This is very inte
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