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Birth Date
7/17/1991 (Cancer)
5' 7" (171 cm)
121 lbs (55 kg)
Eye Color
Hair Color
University (unfinished)
Russian Orthodox
Marital Status
Never married
Speaking Skills*
Other languages
Odessa, Ukraine
* The level of English
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Her Type of Man

You’re looking at my profile, so somewhere in your subconsciousness you see me as a wife or may be as a mother of our children, or may be as a perfect lover. But I haven’t got the opportunity to see you in person or to get to know you better, to understand who you are indeed. It would be so interesting to see your photo where you’re dressed in a sweater with the deer on it or may be where your mother’s hugging you. I’m kidding. I am who I am. The laughter makes life longer. But it’s not the point. It goes here that it has to be a part about a man. I need a good human to be beside me. And all the qualities I like in men we’ll build by our own mutual efforts. You’ll say what you like and what you hate and I’ll do the same. I think that any problem and any choice are based not on what I like and what you like, it’s based on what we like together.


What I have to say… To say wise and clever phases? It’s silly. To call myself the wild cat or just all so goody-goody is more stupid. I just know that if you stop it means that I do for you. You’ve noticed me. And you’re laughing and I hear that. You’re laughing at what I say, so I’m right. And this is exactly what we’re looking for, to know when we can laugh at each other. I know the main thing that a human can have is his naturalness. The most beautiful thing in a human is his flirtatious and graceful romance. And the most valuable thing in a human is his honesty, sincerity and faithfulness. This is what the human race has in lack. I can’t say I’m ideal. But I believe in what I’ve written above, I believe that we’ve come to know ourselves, to learn to love and to be loved, to find each other and enjoy those things we were given.


It’ll sound banal but I like to dance. I like to dance so much! You’ve probably heard many times from girls that they like to dance. But I’ll say this way. You have never heard that somebody said he likes to dance as much as I do. I’m studying to be a dancer, I go in for dances, and it’ll happen soon that I’ll become a teacher of dances. I always listen to music, it’s everywhere. In the rustle of the trees, in the sound of the rain, in the sparkling of the sun. I’d like to share my interests with a man who will choose and come to me. With a man who can understand me. And it’s not so important for you to like dances as much as I do. But you have to like the way I dance. You just have to see it. And you’ll understand everything that I wanted to say. With my dancing I’ll tell you everything you want and everything you’ll be interested in.
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