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Birth Date
8/24/1989 (Virgo)
5' 7" (170 cm)
123 lbs (56 kg)
Eye Color
Hair Color
Russian Orthodox
Marital Status
Never married
Speaking Skills*
Other languages
Odessa, Ukraine
* The level of English
is evaluated by the Lady herself

Her Type of Man

I am like the lost princess of Oz, who has already grown up. I have a lot of friends, but I am still alone, because I don’t have my soul mate. Maybe you are my Prince who can find the lost Princess. When the time comes, every Princess understands that she is ready to get married and to create the family. And if she even has everything she can’t be really happy without HIM. The only thing which I know exactly that it must be love match. I was grown in a very good and strong family and my parents have taught me that marriage for convenience can’t exist for a long time, because people can’t be happy without love and if they are not in love with each other they can’t give it to their children. I was brought up in love and I wish my future kids the same. If your soul is young and your heart is open for love, your Ozma is waiting for you, my Prince. ))


A charming, active and cheerful lady who is almost happy. You will ask why “almost”. It is because the only thing which I don’t have, but really need, is my beloved. However, I am sure that my smile can make marvels. When I am in a bad mood I try not to show it and to smile. When you are as merry as a cricket you can attract only happiness and amiable people. A warm smile, like a gentle embrace, it can treat hearts without medicines. Maybe I also can treat your lonely heart, can I? I promise to be a very sweet pill )) But be careful, there is one side effect of this pill. It is a light dizziness. ))) If you are not afraid of it I am waiting …


As far as I know almost every person likes traveling, but not all of them can enjoy places which they visit as well as I do. Oh, I am fond of travel! I love everything unusual and new, maybe that’s why I decided to go in for Latinos dancing. I think that here is nothing better than to express your feelings through a very passionate and hot dance. In fact it is not only sport for me; it is a wonderful possibility to meet new friends and to learn how to express my feelings without words, only through the language of my body.
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