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7/31/1979 (Leo)
5' 9" (174 cm)
108 lbs (49 kg)
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Odessa, Ukraine
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You know here I just want to tell you that I am here not only to find my only one! Actually I am here in order to find here a real friend who will always have time for me, will always have lots of kindness and loyalty, who will be a good listener. Finally I can tell that I am here in order to find my soul mate who will be a perfect lover with lots of passion, love, honesty, romance and care. I know that to find such a person who can combine all that is really difficult but as I have a nice feeling that one day will bring me on its wings such a desired family life so I am sure that everything is possible!)))


I can bravely tell you that my family is everything for me, because I know that nothing can better than having an opportunity to be warmed with a help of that nice flame of a family spirit. Of course I value every minute of my life and that is why I’m trying to live every second of that in such a way which can fill my every day with all the beauty of a sunrise, first snow flake and… Yes I’m a very optimistic and sociable person and I firmly believe that everything can be changed with a help of our strong desire. I should confess that I’m a very romantic person whose heart is filled with a big desire to create a nice family with all the warmth and coziness in the world. I’m dreaming about such a nice family where everything will have only one reason – deep love. You see I just want to create such a family soul which will well with all the family spirit and warmth… Also I want to add that I’m a very friendly person who is really caring, understanding and supporting. Want more? Just ask!


As I have already mentioned I am a family oriented person whose main interest is my beloved child! Of course I am a very active person and that is why I can add that I adore having picnics and also I adore having fun at the open air. You know also I adore reading something interesting and especially on cookery because I am really interested in making tasty dishes. Maybe I am too loyal but I like to spoil my family with various tasty dishes. Do you want to be spoiled in such a way? Frankly speaking I am such a person who wants to know more and that is why I can tell that I adore discovering new things and also I am fond of traveling and in my opinion it is the best method to color our every day life. What do you think? As I am a very friendly person so I like to meet with my friends and that is why my house is often filled with a nice friendly noise! Just join us!))))
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