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Birth Date
5/4/1992 (Taurus)
5' 9" (174 cm)
114 lbs (52 kg)
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Never married
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Odessa, Ukraine
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The most important thing - do not waste our lives in vain. The anger, the resentment... While we do not enjoy life, it passes. Indeed, during the same time you can receive so much! And, you can fill the life of another person with miracles and love. I want to find a man, who thinks like me. Love knows no boundaries, it knows no barriers, love is something that defies logic and explanation. Love - is what makes life worth living. I want a man, who can love deeply and will value each day of our life together. A man, who will take his role of a leader in a family. I love surprises and I think when two people love each other – they have a wish to brighten each other days with usual things, such as a breakfast in the morning, or a bathtub, full of soap suds, or just a text message with “hi”.


I just live! As each of people around, I value my friends a lot. Probably it is one of the most important things, which I have among my values. It is a bigger value than gold, or a cool car… Also I love my family and my family it is something what pushes me to succeed in life, and I am grateful for this motivation. For example, only because of the help of my family I can study at the University in another city right now, exactly where I wanted to be. This is how I came to Odessa. I am trying to understand the sense of life, but probably it doesn’t exist at all… I am thinking often. I am searching for love… I am becoming elder with each year and each year I wonder: what is the right way to live?.. I am cute, I have a slender figure and people say I am a talented girl. I always help and understand you in each situation, if you are dear for me. I do not like lies, from my side I behave with people with all my soul. I like to walk under the rain without an umbrella; and without sho


I like to develop good qualities in myself; I love my close people, parties, beautiful clothes, rain, sun, surfing and diving, sand, grass, music, happy life with all bright moments it has, dancing, photography, toys, restaurants and cinema. I have a great period of life, when everything is very interesting for me, and even when I am very busy with my studies, I still find time to try new things, or simply just to “Google” something interesting. I think that we live once and that it is too boring to sit near TV each evening. The world is wide.
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