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Birth Date
5/30/1987 (Gemini)
5' 5" (165 cm)
108 lbs (49 kg)
Eye Color
Hair Color
University degree
Russian Orthodox
Marital Status
Never married
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Lugansk, Ukraine
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Her Type of Man

I’m dreaming to meet an intelligent, loving and honest person of ready sympathy. Though I know that perfection can’t be reached in personality I want a man who will listen to my heart and understand my needs. He must be attentive and romantic. The real man should know how to surprise his woman. He must be ready to compromise in arguments because it’ll help to make the relations stronger and will help to avoid useless insults. I need a man who doesn’t swear but he must have good manners. He should be my best friend and support me in good and bad times. It’s important for me to feel his tenderness and attention, his love and understanding.


I’m a caring, attentive, responsible, sincere and intelligent person. I’m very hard-working and I like to complete what I’ve started. Some people can begin many tasks at one time but they will not complete any of them in time. I’m not that kind of a person because I prefer to do everything right. I’m very romantic and I believe romance lives in everybody. I adore making surprises and watch the people’s reaction when they get them. It’s important to show your attitude and attention as it makes people more open and friendlier. I’m mysterious and elegant. I believe a woman should remain undiscovered in some ways and leave a trail of a romantic mystery. I’m a honest person and I always try to tell the truth. There is no need to hide lies because sooner or later it’ll be revealed. I’m not afraid of taking changes and accepting new challenges.


I’m fond of sport. I like rollerblading, swimming, cycling, jogging, playing volleyball and tennis. Sport is an important part of my life because it makes my body strong. I try to maintain a healthy way of life. I used to go to the classical dancing. I liked it very much but unfortunately I had to abandon my classes. I adore reading because it opens so many opportunities for me. I prefer reading novels of Russian classical writers, scientific fiction and mysterious. In my spare time I design clothes. It’s so fascinating to create new models so maybe one day I can be a famous designer!
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