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Birth Date
8/23/1990 (Leo)
5' 10" (177 cm)
138 lbs (63 kg)
Eye Color
Hair Color
University (unfinished)
Russian Orthodox
Marital Status
Never married
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Other languages
Odessa, Ukraine
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Her Type of Man

I wish him to be my tender guide in this life and I will follow him as the most faithful and devoted companion! He will be the whole world for me, he will be my example and my adviser. He will be my gallant gentleman and he will show it me with his respect all the time. He will be romantic and romantically unpredictable!=) And I will be the same for him. I believe in love from the first sight and I believe that there is a person who will take me to the sky and will never let me to come back. I won’t give my heart to anyone, this should be a person with dignity and a worthy man who will win me, take me away to his innermost world of affection and passion, everlasting love!


I am a cheerful and life loving girl! My captivating green eyes will tell you something but if I reveal my soul to you it will mean very much for me! Would you make my heart elate? I wish to feel it and I wish to tell you that I am looking only for serious relationship. I want to be spellbound by you, I wish to feel all of the charm of love and feel with you like we are on the uninhabited island together because we belong only to each other. I wish you to open the mystery of me and my inmost world and universe… Do you believe that love opens the doors that haven’t even been there before? It is spring now and I wish to keep this spring with you in our hearts through our lifetime and feel that our hearts are in blossom from eternal love! If you are that sensitive, that loving you will feel this impulsion, my Dear!


I am interested in cooking and there is no one who tried it and was unhappy)! I am very good in it and I do not understand people who think that it is boring! Would you like to try it?;) I like nature and outdoors and it is the best way to spend time there just having a walk and feeling warm and caressing wind, fresh air and sea gulls’ chirps. It is so romantic!!! I like going to the cinema and reading. I am versatile and passionate about everything in life but dancing brings me a lot of pleasure-I enjoy going to the dancing clubs!
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