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Birth Date
4/16/1991 (Aries)
5' 8" (172 cm)
108 lbs (49 kg)
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University (unfinished)
Marital Status
Never married
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Odessa, Ukraine
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You see of course if you are reading these lines so I am sure that you have already noticed that I am a romantic person who is here in order to find my true love and of course I would like to be sure that my only one will understand my romantic dreams and that is possible to do only with a help of loyalty, tenderness, honesty and romance. Of course I am a family oriented person who is dreaming to have a nice family and that is why I truly hope that my only one will have strong family values in his heart. As I am a faithful person so that is why I truly hope that I will find here such a person whom I will trust and in such a way we will be able to create really strong and healthy relationships.


I am very easy going person and like to communicate with people all the time and to get lot’s of positive things from this. So as you understand I like to get and to give positive energy to people. Also I am very faithful person, who values all the good traditions and honesty in relations. Also I would like to tell you that I believe into institution of marriage, so I hope I am writing now to a right person who believes in that too. I like to have fun from everything which surrounds me. I don’t like people who are always sad. Yes, there can be a time when you are not happy and sometimes even it’s good to be a little bit sad but not all the time. I hope you support me in this idea. ;-))) So, after reading this would you like to try something with such positive person as me? ;-)


I strongly believe that our interests are those things with a help of which we are able to make our life more colored and many sided. Of course I have a lot of interests and I can also add that with a help of traveling I have a nice chance to explore this world and to know more about different places and cultures, with a help of reading I am able to find out more interesting things about our life. Of course as a family oriented person I like staying with my family and relatives but at the same time I can add that I like having fun with my friends. Also I am interested in model business… Have I caught your attention?)))))
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