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Birth Date
12/5/1990 (Sagittarius)
5' 7" (170 cm)
110 lbs (50 kg)
Eye Color
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Russian Orthodox
Marital Status
Never married
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Lugansk, Ukraine
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Her Type of Man

I’m searching for a life partner who will be caring and loving, affectionate and tender, clever and wise, someone who is ready to be with me in any life situation, who is ready to support me and be my strong shoulder, someone I can trust and believe. I would like my man to be open-hearted and sincere, creative, active, faithful and honest. I would love to have a strong family based on mutual respect and understanding with my spouse.


I do not know whether it is good or bad, but I can call myself an old-fashioned girl. I’m quite modest and shy lady, who has strong moral principles and life values. I have respect for people and I’m very understanding. At the same time I’m very caring and attentive, I’m a faithful friend who is always ready to help. I’m loyal and truthful, frank and fair, I can’t stand lies and insincerity. But what I love is being affectionate and passionate, sometimes being funny and spontaneous like a kid. I love to smile and laugh and to present good mood to people who surround me. I love a good company. I’m very easy going and sociable. I’m cheerful and energetic, sweet and full of love.


Of course work keeps me very busy as I have a long working day, but I don’t forget to rest and will always find time for my hobbies and things that I love to do. I like art and design very much. I enjoy visiting different exhibitions of modern art, young painters and flower shows. When I was younger I even took part in some, I like to paint very much. I also like sport and keep my body fit. I go to the aerobics and sometimes to the gym. I also like tennis, but don’t have an opportunity to play it often. I adore listening to music and dancing. I’m not very fond of night clubs, so when I’m bored or upset I just turn on the music loudly and dance in front of the mirror!:) I also adore cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. I like cooking different Ukrainian dishes and also invent my own. My biggest dream is to open my own restaurant which will be very modern and stylish – as I will make the design on my own.
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