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Birth Date
6/26/1990 (Cancer)
5' 5" (165 cm)
114 lbs (52 kg)
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Hair Color
University (unfinished)
Marital Status
Never married
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Odessa, Ukraine
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Her Type of Man

Each woman looks for an “ideal man”. However, I think a woman cannot find an ideal man, just because ideal men do not exist. We, women should help men to become ideal. So if I meet a kind, honest, clever person with a good sense of humor I will help him to become ideal for me)))


Without any dissimulation I can tell you that I have all the necessary qualities which will help me to make my only the happiest person in the world. I mean that I am a life loving person who adores life and is sure that to be an optimistic person as necessary as to have a breath of fresh air in the morning. My heart is filled with lots of kindness and loyalty and that is why there is no problem for me to help other people. Of course I am a very easy going person who has a lot of friends and I should confess that I adore staying with them but the most I like is spending my time with my relatives and family. So for giving you a correct impression about my character I want also to add that I am a loving, caring and trustworthy person who has my own women’s secrets which will bring into your life more thrilling, enigmatic and breathtaking events. So would you like me to prove that?)))


You know once Lowell said: “I don't believe in principle, but I do in interest”. So some words about my interests! Well as I am a very positive and optimistic person so I can tell you that I am interested in dancing and that is why I’m even thinking about taking private lessons on that. Also I would like to add that I am really interested in different kinds of sport and I can tell you that I prefer an active life style. As I value every minute of my life so I am trying to live its every minute in such a way in order to have no regrets about that!))))
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