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Birth Date
6/18/1991 (Gemini)
5' 6" (167 cm)
103 lbs (47 kg)
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University degree
Russian Orthodox
Marital Status
Never married
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Odessa, Ukraine
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Her Type of Man

Almost every girl and even woman has her ideal man. Sometimes it is an actor, sometimes it is a neighbor, sometimes - a classmate, and someone has a list of qualities that should their soul mate has. We are women! But we forget about all the ideals after watching a bunch of films about the ideal man, because “perfect man” doesn’t exist. Everything what can each of us make is to strive for excellence constantly and to be able to find the ideal line in ordinary people. And after all you understand how it is difficult to live in this world, and more difficult to find a man, whom you represented when you were a child, when you read fairy tales at night. Conclusion: Never live the dreams and fantasies, and do not let others to make them for you. The Perfect Man - especially the one "who could be anywhere, but he choose a spot next to you." Love makes us ideal for those who are close to us ...


Not long ago I read a short story about one man. "I decided to marry her. Courtship seemed like a mere formality. But how to start? "Would you like a chewing gum?" - It's too easy. "Hello!" – It is too familiar to become acquainted with the future bride. "I love you! I'm burning with passion! "- Too frank. "I want you to be the mother of my children!" - Some prematurely. So I said nothing. A few minutes later the bus stopped and she came out. I've never seen her again. " I wrote that to say it is quite difficult to start a conversation, the same as a story about myself. Let me say that I am kind, gentle, caring and affectionate lady, I have some goals which I am going to achieve, and I know exactly what I want from my life.


People write in social networks under the "favorite books" : «I do not like to read» or «I do not have time to read» ... It is a pity to me of people, who do not read books, because they could draw out the wisdom and depth of knowledge that has been perfected by philosophers during centuries! Besides, I love not only reading. I am wondering all associated with manicures, makeup and horseback riding, because every woman must be not only smart, but athletic and beautiful too!
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