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Birth Date
2/25/1988 (Pisces)
5' 7" (171 cm)
114 lbs (52 kg)
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Architectorial Designer
University degree
Marital Status
Never married
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Odessa, Ukraine
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I don’t play any games here. I am looking for a serious man, who doesn’t want to play any games with me too, who is serious about finding his second half, and I am sure when we meet, we will realize that we are the halves of one heart that were lost one day and finally found each other. I do admire individuals who are honest and modest. I do love people who act more then they speak. Anyone, don't really matter who, but humble, confident, intelligent and funny! I try to relate to and seek perspectives from people in all walks of life, but greatly respect those with a deep sense of kindness, generosity with contacts and enjoying finer things in life as well as simple pleasures. I do enjoy the company of those who are easy going and love to laugh. I know we are miles away from one another, but I always believed that as long as our souls are connected to each other, the flame of our feelings will burn forever


My inner desire is that you, looking through my profile, would see not only sexy girl on photos. I am not a person looking for pleasure. Pleasure without a special relationship behind it is just meaningless exercise for me. I am looking for what everyone is truly seeking for and that is sincerity of heart, Mind, Body and Soul. I am that girl who is not afraid to remove the mask and let the world see the true inner beauty of my soul and spirit. I am one who is not afraid to love despite past hurts and failures. I am a good judge of character and desire to maintain good moral fiber and straight of us. I believe that life is only temporary, and for me that simply means taking every step forward and not looking back on the past. Cheery, Sociable, without complexes, like nature, people, friends, animals, love to travel but do not want to live alone , but wants to be with you!!!


Collecting coins or numismatics is very ancient fascination. As a hobby, collecting coins began to engage more than 2500 years ago. This is surprising, because the money began to use about the same time. Man always attracted to small, round shiny objects. And for many centuries, collectors have sought out old, rare and most attractive coins everywhere. I am glad that this hobby has become part of my life.
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